We’ve been developing WordPress themes for years but they are usually for our clients. We like to tinker just as much as the next programmer, and from time to time we’ll be releasing free themes for the WordPress community. Take a look at our free WordPress themes below and download them on your own blog or website!



My first computing experience was on a Commodore 64, and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Our Commodore theme is based on the look and feel of the original C64 interface. The design is very simple; a two-column blog-style layout that reverts to single column if nothing is placed int the sidebar widget. It’s responsive so it looks great on phones, too. There is a fun little surprise in this one; if you start typing while viewing a page it triggers the cursor and you can press enter to search for whatever you type.

Latest Version: 1.93

Last Updated: 8/12/2020

Original Release Date: 9/26/2012

Demo Site: www.unitednetworksonline.com/themes/commodore/

Download: Commodore WordPress Theme