Dean Supply Testimonial
Dean Supply
February 2, 2017

If you’re familiar with the notion of waiting too long before you jump, that’s where we were in 2015 with our other ecommerce platform.  After making the decision to switch to Shopify, we were presented with a number of new challenges in an unfamiliar coding landscape.  At first, we started with a stock theme and reached out to freelancers but that quickly backfired as they only understood the specific task and not our overall goal, which is to make the customer journey easy & effortless from the moment they land our page.  We needed speed, efficiencies, and design to wow them but the freelance work was actually slowing down the site.  I knew it was time to actually hire someone who knew what they were doing while keeping our budget in mind.

I reached out to about ten different companies on Shopify’s Preferred Partner page but it was United Network’s quick and detailed response that easily overshadowed the rest.  Scott understood our project goals and used his experience and knowledge to help us move to a Phase 1 of going live.  Once that had completed, we didn’t let much time pass as we quickly outgrew the stock theme and were ready to take the customer experience to another level.

We presented many ideas to Scott and his team and they shared more with us.  There were other things that we wished for that United Networks hadn’t had experience with.  However, they did their research, spoke with other industry professionals, and even spoke directly with Shopify.  When Scott didn’t get the answer he was looking for, he would keep contacting others until he found someone that did. He never settled for “no”, which is a characteristic you don’t tend to think about when selecting a web design company, but proved to be extremely valuable.

Once United Networks redesign went live, we saw an immediate increase in every category.  Site visits, time on site, page visits, conversions, and repeat orders. Every month we continue to set new records for our ecommerce business.  Plus, it’s nice to have a website where we are complimented on a daily basis.  We can not thank United Networks enough for the success we have seen and are already planning for the next phase.  Stay tuned!

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