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Be More Mobile Friendly With a ShiftNav Pro Menu

After a few years of developing responsive websites one thing we’ve come to realize is that most mobile menus are terrible. They are clunky, slow to respond and require pinpoint precision to activate. Aesthetically they leave a lot to be desired and often times mobile menus are exactly the same as their desktop brethren, which is rarely ideal.

We wanted a better solution for our clients. A mobile menu should be quick, clean and make great use of the limited screen real estate allotted to phones. They should stay out of the way so the content remains the focus, yet be easy to access when needed.

ShiftNav ProAfter quite a bit of searching and testing we settled on ShiftNav; a WordPress plugin that adds an off-canvas menu which met all of our requirements. It’s sleek, lightweight and because it’s off-canvas it stays out of the way until needed. Developed by Sevenspark, the same company that makes the excellent UberMenu plugin, the plugin comes in free and Pro versions. We use the latter version for all of our clients because it offers advanced content like logos, icons and better sub-menu handling.

Off-canvas means that the menu is loaded each time the page loads but it isn’t displayed until it’s toggled. The menu sits off to the left or right of the screen and slides in when activated. Users can swipe to remove it or simply touch the menu or content area. It’s the same sort of technology that major websites like NPR and Mashable use, but we think ShiftNav may even have them beat.

With the advanced settings that ShiftNav Pro offers you can tailor the menu to the needs of your audience. It’s a great fit for anyone looking to improve the mobile experience on their WordPress powered website. Want to see it in action? We’re running it on our website right now – just pull us up on your phone.

Need some help implementing ShiftNav? Reach out and let’s get started!

A Big Week For RMGS, Inc.

Inc. 500

RMGS in the Inc. 500

Not only did the folks at RMGS, Inc. get listed at #144 in Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 which highlights their astronomical growth over the past year, but this week we launched their brand new website at www.rmgsinc.com. What a week for a growing company!

Lynda Stafford, President of RMGS, has been a long time customer of ours. We’ve worked on numerous projects together and when she was ready to rebuild the website for RMGS we were happy to help.

I’ve referred businesses to United Networks many times. My clients are always pleasantly surprised by the quality appearance of the site, by how quickly it is created, and by how easy it is to edit later.- Lynda Stafford - President, RMGS, Inc.

RMGS, Inc.RMGS needed a modern website that clearly portrayed their services and company that would work across any type of device. We implemented a responsive WordPress template which gave them exactly what they were looking for while providing an easy to use administrative interface that they were already familiar with.

RMGS is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) focused on supporting the security, training, safety, logistics, and consulting needs of their domestic and international clients. You can view their new website at www.rmgsinc.com.

Freshly Launched – Loja Leblon!

Matt Tompulis, owner of Loja Leblon, a Brazilian lingerie and swimwear company located in Downtown Norfolk, needed a new webstore and he needed one quickly. He was looking for a fresh design that was responsive in nature so his customers could purchase from any device, any time, anywhere in the world.

We worked with Matt to evaluate his needs and built out a brand new webstore using the Shopify platform. The new store has a responsive template that automatically adjusts to your device, whether it be a laptop, phone or tablet. We consolidated his social media accounts and created unified branding and image elements to tie together his brand across all of his online properties.

[wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” height=”auto” anim_speed=”600″ start_percent=”0.5″ lightbox=”simple+lightbox” disable_intro=”false”]
[wpw_ba_img src=”https://unitednetworksonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/A42A0626_retouched.jpg” data_alt=”https://unitednetworksonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/A42A0626.jpg” title=””]

Check out the before (left) and after (right) images by using the slider. We softened the images, de-emphasied the backgrounds and airbrushed out some small problem spots on each of the models.

Part of the project involved the cleanup of hundreds of photo shoot images which were used as product images on the webstore. Each image was manually adjusted to remove problem areas and were softened which put the focus on the products and models.

When I met Scott I knew we were in good hands. He answered all my questions in real time and he is always available. He improved our company in numerous areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, website administration and all facets of the site itself.- Matt Tompulis - President, Loja Leblon
We also assisted Matt in implementing a shipping solution with UPS, a mailing list with Mailchimp and integrated his Google Virtual Tour. He now manages his product inventory through the easy to use Shopify interface and the new site is search engine optimized and has several types of statistical tracking software installed so Matt can adjust to an evolving marketplace.

Loja Leblon is a premier boutique offering high quality Brazilian swimwear, lingerie and underwear for men and women. The new website is live at www.lojaleblon.com.

Some of Our Clients

Forbidden Island
Rush Passport Center


  • United Networks was very professional in their approach. They spent a lot of time building our site and took the time to include/edit all of our random wishes and requests. After 8 years in business, we’re proud to have a site that not only looks great, but that works well on all modern platforms. Michael Thanos - Owner, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge

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