As part of our Barrel Roll WordPress maintenance service we often work with members to improve their sites and sometimes those conversations lead to new projects. That’s exactly what happened when the folks behind¬†(RPC) approached us to develop their project, a community resource covering everything you need to know about expediting your passport.

The project began with brainstorming the concept and doing keyword research to determine what content would be included at launch. We created a number of layouts for RPC to choose from and once the selection was made, development began in earnest.

David W. - RPC

We've never had a developer this easy to work with and this thorough. They literally started with nothing and soon created our branding, logos, and brand new website. We appreciate that they worked so hard to understand the details of our business and then turned those details into easy-to-understand language for customers. We are thrilled with the results and plan to expand our relationship with more development projects.

David W. Team Leader VitalDocs August 6, 2016

We worked with RPC to develop and rank a list of target keywords and created the content for the new site, giving them a solid foundation for launch. Custom featured images were created for the posts and an expansive list of the best Registered Passport Expediters was created with a user-friendly rating system included. We optimized the site with state-of-the-art caching to make sure it ranks well and loads quickly.

Our team also created a sharp logo for their new brand and integrated that into the site. Favicons were implemented and color schemes put in place to match throughout the site.

Rush Passport Center

Rush Passport Center is now the premier community resource for information about expediting passports and the Registered Passport Expediters who help make the process easier. Keep an eye on the site as we’re working with them to development even more excited new features!