The New Nirvana Massage

The New Nirvana Massage


When Amy Nix of Nirvana Massage came to us four months ago she had an online business that was growing quickly and she was looking for a company to take her to the next level. She didn’t have a logo or branding elements for her company, and her BigCommerce store was still using a default template with very little customization. Amy needed a complete solution, and she wanted to get started right away.

Unique visitors:


Order volume:


Conversion rate:


Advertisement cost per sale:


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(Comparing Nov 2012 to Feb 2013)

In the span of four short months we have developed a new logo, created a new webstore template, marketing materials, infographic and optimized Nirvana Massage’s AdWords campaigns. All of this while working with Amy to hone her message and repackage each and every one of her products. We also optimized each product description for search engines and the results of that search engine optimization (SEO) are already being seen in their analytics as search engine traffic has been increasing steadily since the re-design.

We’ve been incredibly pleased with the new website layout. Our preliminary website was very basic and a bit challenging to navigate. All of us at Nirvana Massage are looking forward to working with Scott and his team at United Networks in the years to come!- Amy Nix, Owner - Nirvana Massage

Throughout the process the webstore remained live and orders flowed in. We did all of our development work on a test server and the actual downtime to her live webstore was only a few hours overnight on a weekend.

Nirvana Massage sells massage therapy CEUs – continuing education materials – which their customers can study at home and then test online. We created new product images for each item and developed a new template for the ebooks. All of the new colors, typography and branding elements were incorporated across all aspects of the business.

During the course of our work we had an idea; offer a free massage therapy CEU to anyone who visits the site so the customer can experience how simple, safe and reliable the ordering process is and give them the confidence to test online and order again from Nirvana Massage. This has proven hugely successful with customers quickly following up their free orders with bundle purchases.

These changes have had a significant positive affect across the board for Nirvana Massage. Their visitor count is up 33%. Order volume has increase 32%. Their conversion rate has increased and their cost per sale has dropped. That’s the kind of results we work to achieve for our clients at United Networks.


Check out the before and after images below to get an idea of what we did for Nirvana Massage and be sure to visit their website!

Nirvana Massage - Original Website Design

Nirvana Massage – Original Website Design


Nirvana Massage - Updated Branding & Design by United Networks

The New Nirvana Massage