Reach the largest audience in the world, directly, and within your own budget.


That’s the promise of a well run Google Ads campaign. There is no larger platform to advertise on and no more diverse audience to share your product with. Unlike other advertising channels which are difficult to track return on investment with, Ads leads the industry in conversion tracking. We often setup clients so they can see exactly what they spent and earned from their campaigns, down to the penny.

So, how does it work?

The first step is deciding what you want to advertise. Sounds easy, but a lot of companies have a tough time narrowing down which products they want to feature. Next we’ll need to discuss the different types of ads that are available and then decide on a daily spending budget. After that we’ll work with you to create an optimized campaign with ad variations that we can track the performance of over time and tweak as we go to lower your cost per conversion and drives sales with the highest possible return on your advertising investment.

$100 AdWords Credit

Your first $100 is on us!

What does United Networks charge to run an Ads campaign?

That depends on what kind of campaign you decide on, but we always charge a flat monthly rate; not a percentage of the advertising budget. It’s dangerous to pay your campaign manager based on the monthly spend because it encourages them to recommend that you spend more, even if that’s not in your best interest. It’s also more difficult to plan your budget. Our goal is to show you results first and then enhance and diversify your campaigns so we both win.

A few quick facts…

  • 97% of consumers research products online before buying
  • 70% of mobile searchers click to call directly from search results
  • Google has very sophisticated technology to reduce invalid clicks (from competitors, for example) which you aren’t charged for
  • All of our clients have direct access to their Ads accounts and are encouraged to monitor it when they have time and stay engaged.