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A New Site For The New Leaf

The New Leaf Ghent

The New Leaf Ghent

We love working with unique and passionate businesses, and The New Leaf, a flower shop in the exciting Chelsea district of Norfolk, Virginia, is exactly that.

Throughout the process of developing their site we went through numerous designs and styles of typography until we landed on just the right combination. We created dozens of custom graphics to showcase their unique arrangements and setup a review section that pops because people love The New Leaf.

Unlike many other flower shops, The New Leaf doesn’t list specific arrangements for sale on their website. That’s because they want to be sure each customer gets the freshest, most unique arrangements possible on the day of their order. To help facilitate this, we created a “How to Order” page that gives customers information on the process and a form to get in touch with the pros.

We finally have a web site that we are really proud of, and United Networks made that happen! We get tons of compliments from our customers on the site!

Laurel & Sarah Owners The New Leaf January 17, 2017

The new design is working. Comparing three months after launching back in May to the three months prior, The New Leaf has seen a 25% increase in website users and a 32% decrease in their bounce rate. The bounce rate on mobile dropped by almost 50% and organic search traffic is up almost 13%.

Not long after the launch of their site The New Leaf became a Barrel Roll member and has received ongoing WordPress maintenance since to keep their site running smoothly, up to date, and secure.

The New Leaf in Ghent in one of Norfolk’s premier flower shops. They create wonderfully unique arrangements for all kinds of events. Be sure to check out their website at http://www.newleafghent.com and follow them on Facebook.

Announcing Barrel Roll: Comprehensive WordPress Support

Barrel Roll - Comprehensive WordPress Support

Barrel Roll - Comprehensive WordPress SupportAfter months of development and testing we’re excited to announce the launch of Barrel Roll, our new managed WordPress support service!

Why we built Barrel Roll

For years we’ve been regularly maintaining our client’s websites every few months but that’s just not enough to ensure a reliable, secure, and up-to-date online presence. We want the best for our clients, and that means ongoing maintenance and support without gaps.

How Barrel Roll works

We offer three Membership Plans: Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Each gives you access to our stellar tech support team, automated off-site backups, WordPress core and plugin updates, and 24/7 security monitoring. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be charged for your first month and then renewed automatically every month after that. There are no cancellation fees and you can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan at any time.

The stats

WordPress now powers 25% of all websites. According to WordPress’ own stats, 53.3% of installations aren’t running the latest major version. That’s tens of millions of websites that need attention, and who knows how many plugins have been neglected. Is yours one of them?

Learn More and Sign Up!

There’s a lot more information over at the Barrel Roll website. We’ve done our best to keep it simple while providing all of the coverage that you’ll need for your site.

Read the AnnouncementChoose a Plan!

Some of Our Clients

Forbidden Island
Rush Passport Center


  • I’ve referred businesses to United Networks many times. My clients are always pleasantly surprised by the quality appearance of the site, by how quickly it is created, and by how easy it is to edit later. Lynda Stafford - President, RMGS, Inc.

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