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Big Changes = Big Improvements for Dean Supply

Dean Supply

Way back in 2015 we received a contact form submission from Michael at Dean Supply, a restaurant supply store located in Cleveland, and we followed up. Since then we’ve been working with them regularly to improve their Shopify webstore, culminating in the launch of a brand new site a few months ago.

Michael DeSatnik - Dean Supply

Once the United Networks redesign went live, we saw an immediate increase in every category.  Site visits, time on site, page visits, conversions, and repeat orders. Every month we continue to set new records for our ecommerce business.  Plus, it’s nice to have a website where we are complimented on a daily basis.  We can not thank United Networks enough for the success we have seen and are already planning for the next phase.  Stay tuned!

Michael wrote a much longer testimonial which can be found here. Thanks for the kind words!

Michael DeSatnik Head of Ecommerce Dean Suplly February 2, 2017

The new design was a big departure from their existing theme, as you can see below in the before/after graphic. It features a tighter header, more advanced mega menu, cleaner and more unified typography, and improved technical performance, among many other changes.

The benefits of the improved design became apparent almost immediately after the launch back in August. Comparing the five months after the launch with the five months before, Dean Supply saw a 41.66% increase in user sessions, a 29.23% increase in transactions with a 50% increase in unit quantity, and a 47.55% in revenue.

Those numbers are fantastic, but comparing the five months after launch to the same time in the previous year produces even more staggering figures: 125% more sessions, 183.41% increase in transactions, and a 158.24% increase in revenue.

Not all of the improvements were due to the launch of the new theme, however. Dean Supply has run some successful marketing campaigns and we’ve worked with them to implement a number of technical and design changes over the past few years, but it’s clear that the new design is working and paying huge dividends.

The Dean Supply website includes a ton of great functionality for their customers. Some examples include the option to pickup in the store, wishlists, live search, powerful product filtering, custom tabbed product descriptions, and smart product recommendations. Be sure to check it out a and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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A New Site For The New Leaf

The New Leaf Ghent

The New Leaf Ghent

We love working with unique and passionate businesses, and The New Leaf, a flower shop in the exciting Chelsea district of Norfolk, Virginia, is exactly that.

Throughout the process of developing their site we went through numerous designs and styles of typography until we landed on just the right combination. We created dozens of custom graphics to showcase their unique arrangements and setup a review section that pops because people love The New Leaf.

Unlike many other flower shops, The New Leaf doesn’t list specific arrangements for sale on their website. That’s because they want to be sure each customer gets the freshest, most unique arrangements possible on the day of their order. To help facilitate this, we created a “How to Order” page that gives customers information on the process and a form to get in touch with the pros.

We finally have a web site that we are really proud of, and United Networks made that happen! We get tons of compliments from our customers on the site!

Laurel & Sarah Owners The New Leaf January 17, 2017

The new design is working. Comparing three months after launching back in May to the three months prior, The New Leaf has seen a 25% increase in website users and a 32% decrease in their bounce rate. The bounce rate on mobile dropped by almost 50% and organic search traffic is up almost 13%.

Not long after the launch of their site The New Leaf became a Barrel Roll member and has received ongoing WordPress maintenance since to keep their site running smoothly, up to date, and secure.

The New Leaf in Ghent in one of Norfolk’s premier flower shops. They create wonderfully unique arrangements for all kinds of events. Be sure to check out their website at and follow them on Facebook.

A Brand New Design For The Norfolk Sister City Association

Norfolk Sister City Association

Norfolk Sister City Association

Five years ago, before responsive website design was mainstream, we developed a lovely, vibrant, non-responsive website for the Norfolk Sister City Association (NSCA). As the organization has grown and technology has evolved, so have the needs of their users.

Jennifer Priest - Norfolk Sister City Association

United Networks has worked with three executive directors during their tenure as web designer for Norfolk Sister City Association. Through two website updates, training of two directors, implementation of a new membership database and general graphics support, they have displayed the highest levels of professionalism, patience and good humor. I have referred United Networks to other businesses and non-profits and will continue to do so at every opportunity.  

Jennifer Priest Executive Director Norfolk Sister City Association March 22, 2016

Today we’re excited to share with you the newly re-designed NSCA website! It’s fully responsive, has a powerful, full-width layout, and integrates their event system among others. The homepage shows views of each sister and friendship city with the word “Welcome” in their native language. It includes a powerful mobile menu that makes site navigation easy on phones. It’s performance and search engine optimized so it’s found easily and loads quickly.

In the time since the new website was launched, NSCA has seen a 57% increase in sessions. Not bad! We’re looking forward to seeing all the things the Norfolk Sister City Association will do with their new website.

The Norfolk Sister City Association is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy organization that creates and strengthens partnerships between the City of Norfolk, VA and its international partner communities. Check them out on Facebook and be sure to visit their new website at!

Seven Sites for Hampton Roads Transportation

Hampton Roads Transportation Sites
Black & White Cabs of Virginia Beach
Hampton Roads Transportation, Inc.
Yellow Cab of Hampton
Black & White Cabs of Norfolk
Yellow Cab of Norfolk
Norfolk Checker Taxi

When you dispatch cabs for six different companies in five cities your websites need to appeal to a lot of different kinds of customers. They’ll find you through search engines, websites,  advertisements, and word of mouth. They will be using hundreds of different types of devices but most of them will have a single goal: to book a cab.

Once again the team at United Networks hit it out of the park! We are so happy with the complete redesign and launch of seven, yes seven websites! United Networks created modern, fresh sites that really impact our market. They certainly are experts in web design and web marketing.

Frank Azzalina Director of Business Development Hampton Roads Transportation, Inc. September 30, 2015

Hampton Roads Transportation, Inc. (HRTI) and the six cab companies needed an overhaul of their websites and they wanted each of them to make it easy for a customer to book a cab right away through a phone call or App-a-Cab, a smartphone app which we developed the website for back in February. We built the responsive websites using a WordPress multisite installation to simplify future updates and management. Each site includes dozens of little touches including customized dynamic headers, the fantastic ShiftNav Mobile Menu, custom fields to make multisite management easier, electronic forms that are stored in the database, and design variations that look great on tablets and phones.

The sites were also search engine and performance optimized, and it has already paid off with massive increases in website traffic since the sites were launched.

On average, the sites have seen a 215.20% increase in sessions, a 162.77% increase in users, and a massive 634.28% increase in organic traffic from search engines comparing a three week time period before and after launch.

These results are due in part to optimization but also because we took the time to create sitemaps, setup 301 redirects for all of the existing links from the old sites, and configured 404 reporting tools to handle anything that was missed. This meant that users rarely saw a broken page and we captured all of the traffic that sites often lose during a transition as significant as this one. We created custom meta language to capture clicks from the organic listings and made sure that everything was seen as mobile friendly and error-free by Google. All of the work has paid off; HRTI and the cab companies are seeing great results. We look forward to working with them in the future and, hopefully, hearing from you when your project is ready!

Hampton Roads Transportation, Inc., has provided state-of-the-art dispatch service and administration for taxicab companies operating throughout Hampton Roads for over 30 years. Check out the new websites for Black & White Cabs of NorfolkBlack & White Cabs of Virginia BeachNorfolk Checker TaxiYellow Cab of NorfolkYellow Cab of HamptonYellow Cab of Newport News, and HRTI. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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Forbidden Island
Rush Passport Center


  • I highly recommend United Networks! Their expertise and guidance in designing my law firm’s website and logo was exactly what I needed as a new business owner. They promptly completed all work requested and waited very patiently for me to submit my content and edits. I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful! Lynn Fox - Preston Fox, PC

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